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We are located in London, nestled within the borders of Hampstead, Highgate, and Alexandra Palace.

Conveniently situated near the A406, our location ensures easy accessibility from all corners of London, including the north, east, south, and west.

You are more than welcome to pop into our showroom at any time of the week or simply contact us via email or phone and expect a swift response.  We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and the highest quality work we can possibly deliver. 

For decades we have provided the best services in regards to everything rug related such as; rug sales, specialist rug cleaning, rug repairs and rug restoration, and providing rug insurance compliant valuations.

Over the years, our diligent work has earned RugMaster a distinguished reputation within the industry. Our services have been utilised and sought after by a diverse range of clients, including courthouses, museums, auction houses, and even members of royal families. To embark on your journey of exquisite rug repairs, rug cleaning, or rug purchases, fill out the 'send us a message' form below, and let us take you to your desired rug destination with our expertise and commitment to excellence.