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Rug supplies, repair, restoration and cleaning

Rugmaster is a direct Importer of all kinds of Persian, Afghan, Chinese, Indian, European, Turkish & Russian Rugs. We have recently been introducing new production items that will cater to everybodies rug needs.

We not only specialise in sales but also provide exceptional services for rug repair and rug cleaning. Being one of the leading experts in the field, our repairs process keeps you in the loop on a step by step basis, making sure you are aware of every decision we make in regards to your rug. With a worldwide reputation in the industry attained through generations of providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction we can promise to cater to any issue you may have about rugs.

Our Commitment with customers is to provide the right rugs with the right prices and quality. Rugmaster offers a high quality range of rugs to our clients from modern to traditional designs, best known nomadic groups and leading master weavers of handmade rugs from all over the world.


This is our third generation in this business providing the greatest services. We are also working with museums and art organisations in order to promote art work in Rug industries. Our services being requested by royalty, reputable members of society and rug enthusiasts all across the world, simply means we must provide a quality of work and services worthy of our customers.

We arrange regular exhibitions in different galleries for our clients. Visit our online gallery which is being updated regularly with best collections of rugs with interesting & detailed information. Also make sure to view our rug repair and cleaning galleries in order to get an idea of the meticulous process your rugs will go through prior to reaching the desired result.