Case studies

Case studies

Afghan rug holes repairAfghan rug holes repair

With some of the most skilled and knowledgeable workers by our side; possessing expertise on a vast variety of methods regarding rug repair. Our team has access to original materials and dyes directly from the country of origin or exact tribes, and constant devotion to professional improvement among the team, differentiating us from competition worldwide. we are proud to offer the best rug repair service in UK and EU including persian rug restoration, antique rug repair, and specialist rug repairs. Find rug repair near me today!


Baluch rug repairBaluch rug repair

To showcase our professional rug restoration, we repaired a damaged Baluch rug. Repairing the holes in it and also fixing the side cord made it look new again. We also cleaned it by hand. This project exemplifies our proficiency in oriental rug repairs, persian rug restoration, area rug repair, wool rug repair and ensuring the lasting beauty of fine oriental rugs.


Old Anatolian Oushak rugOld Anatolian Oushak rug

We recently had the privilege of restoring a vintage Anatolian Oushak rug, showcasing our expertise in rug repair and restoration through our oriental rug services. This exquisite piece arrived at our workshop from New York, exhibiting the ravages of time with tears, holes, and fringes in disarray.

French Aubusson tapestry Pillow restoration beforeFrench Aubusson tapestry Pillow restoration before


We were entrusted with a remarkable project involving the restoration of a 17th-century French Aubusson tapestry pillow, intricately woven with delicate silk threads. This antique treasure, part of a set of six pillows, had endured the passage of time, bearing threadbare areas and torn segments that required meticulous attention for its revival.


Large Tabriz rug restorationLarge Tabriz rug restoration

This particular endeavour showcased our prowess in rug repair and restoration, underlining our reputation as an esteemed Oriental rug services provider and an expert Oriental rug repair company.

The rug in question, a grand Persian Tabriz masterpiece, arrived at our doorstep with a segment marred by deterioration. Neglected repairs had been attempted previously, but with little precision. This highlighted a common challenge we face at Rugmaster, as around 20 percent of our endeavours involve rectifying inaccurately executed prior repairs.

Kilim rug BeforeKilim restoration After

The before and after images of this Fine Kilim’s stripes restoration can be seen. However, you cannot see the intricate procedure that led to the end result. This sort of Kilim restoration is something we carry out often, almost every week. To achieve the final result that was seen our experts first had to rebuild the foundations of this kilim. Once the new wool foundations have been put in place, they can go ahead and finalise the Kilim restoration.

fine kilim beforeFine Kilim after

These images show the step by step process of repairing a fine kilim rug with multiple areas of damage consisting of tears, holes, threadbare, and more. The gallery shows the entire rug as well as the process of repairs while they were being carried out. This was a relatively large project that required sharp attention to detail. Our team of skilled masterweavers were able to transform this piece from its detrimental state to a piece of art that appears to be new with no prior damage.

Modern Rug beforeModern Rug after

A customer was faced with a problem which required a small incision to be made in their modern office rug. Not only did our team of master weavers achieve this, but they also designed a secured flap within the rug allowing the desired access to the power outlet port.


This old Egyptian Tribal felt rug as evident from the image has experienced damage over time. As a result of moth damage, the embroidery work on the rug had started to diminish. Egyptian felt rugs are not only rare but also use a weaving style that one may describe as uncommon and unusual. Despite the delicate task at hand, our master weavers were able to restore the rug to full health.

Antique Runner Rug beforeAntique Runner Rug after

This is an antique runner rug, this rug had serious damage caused by moth exposure for a period of time. Not only was this rug missing pile but also in the weave. Following the hard work from our master weavers, we were able to completely restore this Piece of art.

Afghan KhanAfghan Khan

This is an old afghan khan rug. This rug was subject to immense wear. The reason this rug’s fringes were damaged to such an extent is very simple, the fringes were not properly secured. Fringes play a vital role in the upkeep of rugs, they act as a border to prevent damage. Due to the absence of secured fringes in this rug, the customer inevitably had to bring the rug in for restoration as the very rug itself had started detiriorating. With all rugs, if they are not secured at the fringes and sidecord, one can expect an increase in deterioration over time.

Old RugOld Rug

This rug had witnessed lots of damage due to threadbare. Threadbare typically refers to the process of losing rug pile as a result of increased wear or moth damage. However, no task is too small for our rug repair team. We were able to weave the missing pile back into the rug, whilst maintaining the encompassing pattern and design of the rug throughout.


Discover how Rugmaster, the best rug repair service in the UK, restored a valuable Baluch rug to its former glory. The rug had significant damage area due to age and frequent use, requiring skilled and knowledgeable workers to restore its original beauty. Through a meticulous assessment of the damage, our artisans develop a comprehensive plan to revive this rug.


We recently got the chance to restore a beautiful Tabriz rug that had become dull due to severe color fading, dirt accumulation, and many issues. Our team conducted a thorough assessment, performed deep cleaning, applied precise color restoration techniques, and repaired the frayed edges. The result was a beautifully revitalized rug with vibrant colors, clean fibers, and neatly trimmed edges, exemplifying our expertise in Persian rug restoration, oriental rug repair, oriental carpet repair and professional rug cleaning.