Case studies

Case studies

Afghan rug holes repairAfghan rug holes repair
Afghan rug holes repair

With some of the most skilled and knowledgeable workers by our side; possessing expertise on a vast variety of methods regarding rug repair. Our team has access to original materials and dyes directly from the country of origin or exact tribes, and constant devotion to professional improvement among the team, differentiating us from competition worldwide. we are proud to offer the best rug repair service in UK and EU.

Baluch rug repairBaluch rug repair
Baluch rug repair

The Baluch rug you see above was in a detrimental state before we received it, but our team of experienced weavers were able to bring it back to life with a little time and effort.

Old Anatolian Oushak rugOld Anatolian Oushak rug
Old Anatolian Oushak rug

Old Anatolian rugs with the Oushak design are beautiful rugs that come in colourful blends. This particular piece was shipped to us from New York and with its old age was in a tremendously bad state with pieces missing and coming off. It took a long period of time for us to complete this project not only because of the work effort, but due to the time it takes to find the old wool in these special dyes and colours.

You can see the completed images below and the extent of damage before hand but it was definitely worth the time.

17th century French Aubusson tapestry Pillow restoration

This is a 17th century French Aubusson tapestry Pillow woven with silk thread. A group of six of these pillows were brought to us and had a lot of threadbare and torn out pieces that took tremendous effort to repair and bring back to life.

These pieces were so fine that our weavers had to take breaks in between the work, as they wouldn't be able to see the knots after half an hour of work due to the extremely fine needle work.

Large Tabriz rug restorationLarge Tabriz rug restoration
Large Tabriz Rug

This Particular Project was sent to us from America to be repaired. The segment in the image had become rotten and had also been repaired with little attention. At rugmaster, about 10 percent of our work is just correcting previous repairs that were not done accuratley. Dry rot in rugs lead to the deterioration of the foundation fibers, leading to a total lack of structural integrity and to a rug this means it can simply fall apart; hence we had to remove the rotten part of the rug completley and reweave the rug back to its original state. The end result came out better than expected.

Fine Kilim restoration

Before and after of Kilim edge sripes/guard stripes repaired. A fine piece that required some attention to detail. A common repair that is carried out almost everyweek, but nevertheless an interesting step by step process that is interesting to see.

Fine Kilim Part 2

These images show the step by step process of repairing a fine kilim rug with multiple areas of damage consisting of tears, holes, threadbare, and more. The gallery shows the entire rug as well as the process of repairs while they were being carried out. This was a relatively large project that required sharp attention to detail. Our team of skilled masterweavers were able to transform this piece from its detrimental state to a piece of art that appears to be new with no prior damage. The images below show the rug when it has been completed and finalised.

Modern RugModern Rug
Modern Rug

A customer was faced with a problem which required a small incision to be made in their modern office rug. Not only did our team of master weavers achieve this, but they also designed a secured flap within the rug allowing the desired access to the power outlet port.

Egyptian Felt Rug

This old Egyptian Tribal felt rug as evident was severely damaged over time. As a result of moth damage, the embroidery work on the rug had started to diminish. Egyptian felt rugs are not only rare but also encompass a weaving style which one may describe as uncommon and unusual. However, despite these drawbacks and the delicate task at hand our master weavers were able to restore the rug to full health.

Antique Runner RugAntique Runner Rug
Antique Runner Rug

This is an antique runner rug, this rug had serious damage caused by moth exposure for a prolonged period of time. Not only was this rug missing in terms of pile but also in weave. Following a period of hard work from our master weavers, we were able to completely restore this Piece of art

Afghan KhanAfghan Khan
Afghan Khan

This is an old afghan khan rug. This rug was subject to immense wear. The reason this rug’s fringes were damaged to such an extent is very simple, the fringes were not properly secured. Fringes play a vital role in the upkeep of rugs, they act as a border to prevent damage. Due to the absence of secured fringes in this rug, the customer inevitably had to bring the rug in for restoration as the very rug itself had started detiriorating. With all rugs, if they are not secured at the fringes and sidecord, one can expect an increase in deterioration over time.

Old RugOld Rug
Old Rug

This rug had witnessed lots of damage due to threadbare. Threadbare typically refers to the process of losing rug pile as a result of increased wear or moth damage. However, no task is too small for our rug repair team. We were able to weave the missing pile back into the rug, whilst maintaining the encompassing pattern and design of the rug throughout.