Rug Resizing and Alteration

Rug Resizing and Alteration

At Rugmaster, our expertise in rugs fail to wither or come short of anyone else. Rug resizing is a task typically attached to modern and contemporary rugs. Reason for this being, their designs are usually simple and elegant allowing it to be resized with little or no affect to the encompassing pattern or monetary value of the rug. This cannot be said for all rugs as handmade and nomadic rugs typically encompass complex and/or geometrical patterns, their value may be affected if resized. 

As is common knowledge, handmade and nomadic rugs are indeed unique. Similar to a snowflake, no two handmade rugs are the same. In some cases machine made rugs are also unique, their material, design or manufacture process may never be seen again as many rug producing factories discontinue the productions of rugs on a seasonal basis. It is a common occurrence for one possessing a rug withholding sentimental or aesthetical value to move houses. Upon doing so they are faced with the inevitable reality that their rug does not fit into their room. Now, for some the issue might be a monetarial one, meaning they may not wish to spend money on a new rug and prefer to embark on a rug resizing journey. 

However, as mentioned previously, many are faced with the issue of sentimentality, being forced to store their much loved rug and buy a new one. I am happy to inform you that this does not have to be the case. At Rugmaster, we pride ourselves on providing a variety of rug related services; Rug resizing being quite a sought after one too. 


Like any other business providing services, we pride ourselves on making the lives of all our customers easier and more efficient. In this case, we do so by resizing our customers' rugs. Instead of going through another arduous process to search for the rug of your dreams, we can simply resize the rug of your dreams and tailor it to a size best suited to you. Instead of dreading that your family heirloom rug had to be put down in such a desolate part of your house, you can as a matter of fact do your ancestors proud by laying the rug down wherever your heart desires, unconstrained by it’s size. 

Your days could be filled with ecstasy as your favourite large rug that you searched far and wide for (our rug store could be rather extensive) can be placed in any desired room of your house simply by contacting us and requesting our Rugmaster Rug Resizing services.

Our Rug Alteration and Rug Resizing procedure guarantees complete security of your rug; we make sure all fringes and side cords of your rugs are properly secured prior to announcing the completion of the task. 

At Rugmaster we are proud to boast our generational experience within the field of rugs and our unparalleled expertise wence coming across all sorts of repair tasks, including Rug resizing and alteration.