Rug Resizing and Alteration

Rug Resizing and Alteration

At Rugmaster, our expertise in rugs is unmatched. Rug resizing is a service often required for modern and contemporary rugs because their simple and elegant designs can typically be resized with little to no impact on the overall pattern or monetary value. However, this is not always the case for handmade and nomadic rugs, which often feature complex and geometric patterns. Resizing these rugs can affect their value.

 As is well-known, handmade and nomadic rugs are unique—much like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. Some machine-made rugs can also be unique due to their material,   design, or manufacturing process, especially since many factories discontinue certain rug designs on a seasonal basis. It is common for people to face the issue of their   cherished rugs not fitting into their new homes when they move. Some may not want to spend money on a new rug and would prefer to resize their existing one.

 Sentimentality is another common issue. Many people store their beloved rugs because they don't fit in their new space. At Rugmaster, we offer a solution. We specialize in a   variety of rug services, with rug resizing being one of our most sought-after offerings.

 We pride ourselves on making our customers' lives easier and more efficient by resizing their rugs. Instead of enduring the arduous process of finding a new rug, we can simply   resize your current rug to suit your new space. Rather than relegating your family heirloom rug to a desolate part of your home, you can proudly display it wherever you wish,   regardless of its original size.

 Imagine the joy of being able to place your favourite large rug in any room you choose. Simply contact us and request our Rugmaster rug resizing services. If you are searching   for "rug resizing near me" or "rug alterations near me," look no further.

 Our rug alteration and rug resizing procedures ensure the complete security of your rug. We meticulously secure all fringes and side cords before completing the task.

 At Rugmaster, we boast generational experience and unmatched expertise in all types of rug repairs, including rug resizing and alteration.