Persian & Oriental rug cleaning London

Persian & Oriental rug cleaning London

At Rugmaster we specialise in the cleaning and restoration of all oriental, Persian, modern/contemporary rugs and kilims. When it comes to cleaning, we ensure that every rug is cleaned the way it should be to give it the look it had the first time you set your eyes on it.

We ensure that every rug is dealt with care and the appropriate treatment as every rug is special in its own way and requires its own technique for cleaning. It is recommended that normal rugs are washed every 3-4 years and silk rugs every 2 years. So why is your Persian rug cleaning so important? In short, all the small things that you are unaware of that build up inside your rug can cause it to break and fall apart after some years.

For the most part, Persian rugs are the most durable and long-lasting carpets worldwide which means that they won’t break or tear without a significant effort to do so. The well-known Persian Bijar rug is woven with wet thread to give it the famous strength and durability as the toughest rug worldwide. But what breaks even the toughest Persian rug apart? It gets trampled into the rug and its foundation and you might least expect it, but dust, can break even the strongest of rugs over time. Some rugs are so old that they hold years of dust trapped between the fibres and this can cause detrimental damage if broken. Rugs like these make a clicking sound when attempted to fold and can only be rolled. These pieces require a delicate procedure where the rug is left in water to soften and gently has its dust removed using old techniques until the rug can be hand-washed without breaking apart later.



We separate the rug and carpet cleaning process into 3 simple segments:


After the rug has its dust removed, we proceed to the thorough cleaning phase where the carpet is subjected to a deep penetrating wash that can be repeated even several times depending on how dirty the rug was and after that it is finally left to dry.

At Rugmaster our expert team can revive any rugs back to its former glory. Rugs that have been neglected or maybe given the wrong treatment are very common cases that we deal with. Often the colour in some rugs bleed due to unexpected spillages like wine, coffee, tea, hot water and even flood damage. We always clean your Persian, oriental rugs and all rugs as many times as required to bring its original colours back, however deep stains can sometimes not be removed by simply washing and focusing on that particular area, this is why our proficient team of colour restorers specialise in the area of colour restoration and dying new colours where necessary to make your rug look the way it was originally meant to look and reverse any damage.

Persian rugs, oriental rugs, antique rugs, kilims, contemporary and decorative carpets can be very durable and last a long time when looked after with care. We see every rug as a piece of art, and we enjoy every minute of the work we do whether it be the cleaning or restoration of your rug. If we didn’t love providing this service, we would not be in this business internationally for the 3 rd generation.