Baluch rug repair

Baluch rug repair

Baluch rug repairBaluch rug repair

To showcase our rug restoration, we repaired a damaged Baluch rug. Repairing the holes in it and also fixing the side cord made it look new again. We also cleaned it by hand. This project shows how great we are at taking care of Oriental rugs.

Upon receiving the Baluch rug, our seasoned team embarked on a meticulous restoration journey. Carefully assessing the extent of damage, we devised a comprehensive plan to restore its original beauty and integrity. The rug exhibited significant holes and a worn side cord, indicative of its age and history.

Our expert craftsmen employed a combination of traditional techniques and modern innovations to seamlessly mend the rug's holes. Painstakingly matching wool colours and patterns, we intricately wove new threads into the damaged areas, ensuring a harmonious blend with the rug's existing design. This delicate process was executed with the utmost precision, resulting in a flawless restoration that seamlessly integrated with the rug's aesthetic.

Simultaneously, we dedicated our attention to the worn side cord, which not only enhanced the rug's appearance but also contributed to its structural stability. Our artisans skilfully repaired and reinforced the side cord, ensuring that the rug not only looked impeccable but was also structurally sound.

The successful restoration of the Baluch rug exemplifies our commitment to preserving the beauty and heritage of Oriental rugs. Through our expertise in rug repair and restoration, we breathe new life into these cherished pieces, allowing them to continue gracing spaces with their timeless charm.