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Jenny Dames 3 months ago

I've been using this company for a few years now and the service is always excellent. Sam clearly know his stuff and he's even been able to repair my beautiful but slightly shabby Persian rug, restoring it back to its full glory. Highly recommend to anyone

Alison 3 months ago

Rug masters have been absolutely brilliant to work with. Sam has been incredibly patient and helpful and the firm have restored my beautiful silk rug that had been stained and had many loose threads. They did the most amazing job and my very tattered rugs look so new and beautiful again. I can't thank the firm enough and would highly recommend them.

Marko 4 months ago

Excellent service!

Mr and Mrs Wallers 4 months ago

I am very happy to provide a testimonial or two -

one for the variety and value of the big range of rugs you always seem to have on offer,

and two for the excellence of your expert and talented rug repairers/weavers. Even though it cost an awful lot of money we are daily delighted with the wonderful reconstruction of our dilapidated antique runner that your team accomplished. It is gorgeous.

Vedran 4 months ago

Moths ate my rug, RugMasters brought it back!