Kazak Rug Dusting In Scotland
We do dusting for all kinds of kazak rugs in scotland area, our experts have more than 3 generations of experience in kazak rug dusting. Trust the Rug Master

Service Description

By using the latest technology, we have built very good reputation in cleaning the rugs. We employ masters of trade who have highest respect to the task of cleaning unique, traditional, tribal, modern, man made and machine made rugs alike.

Our experts' eyes will quickly find the best option for your rug, depending on the dye, materials and stain type involved. Using the wrong method can do serious harm to your precious rug. About 20% of our work is fixing damage after other people's work.

For best results, it is very important to carefully inspect the rug before the cleaning takes place.

Service Details

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RugMaster rug dusting offers a variety of services in scotland, including
  • Rug dusting
    • Full immersion rug washing
    • Rug dusting
    • Colour restoration
    • Spillage removal

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Wherever you are, collection and delivery is free of charge!

We are based in London and our clients send us the rugs from all over United Kingdom, including Scotland

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Our professional cleaning steps are as follow:

1. Your rugs will be thoroughly inspected prior to any cleaning and repairs work being carried out.
2. Dyes will be assessed for stability and rug will be checked for signs of any existing circumstances or damages.
3. The most significant step of our rug cleaning process is using a vibrating brush; we will remove any deep built-in dust and sand from the pile of the rug.
4. Submerged washing takes place using a pH neutral specialised shampoo for rug cleaning. It is very important to use correct shampoo as dyes are sensitive to acid or alcaline solutions
5. Your rug then will be rinsed, excess water extracted in and left to dry naturally.
6. Only after your rug is completely dry it will be dusted again to remove any remaining grit that is been loosened as a result of the rug cleaning process.
7. Finally your rug will be brush up and inspected prior to delivery.

We offer highest quality service for cleaning rugs and pride ourselves on providing an honest, trustworthy and approachable service throughout every aspect of our business.


Rugs Dust Removing-Micro-Splitting Technology

Our cleaning devices harness over 40,000 harmonic vibrations per minute to vibrate out the most stubborn soil and sediments caught deep in the fibers of the rug.

In village and tribal regions where rugs are made, the dirt and sediment is simply beaten out of the rug using a large stick and some elbow grease! This is a great way of extracting the grit out as it breaks the hard, encrusted layer of dirt found deep down in the backing of the rug.

You might have even seen your granny using this method when you were little, before she would quickly notice you were watching her and you would be given the big stick and told, " Do not stop beating until there is no dust coming out ".

Well fortunately times have changed, and this machine is an amazing tool in extracting out the harmful dirt and sediment that you are daily vacuuming just simply can not do.

We simply lay a grid on the floor, placing the rug face down on top of the grid. We then run the RugBadger over the backing of the rug to loosen the soil. The soil falls from the backing of the rug through the pile, through the grid and is collected on the floor. Ensuring that none of the dry soil particles are left on the face of the rug.

About Kazak rugs

Kazak rugs are a type of Armenian rug that were woven in the south of Caucasus, between Tiflis and Erevan.The older Caucasian carpets are made with hand spun yarns of wool as well as the warp, weft and pile. The natural colours are both clear and strong. Good wool quality and Turkish knots make the carpets durable and they have a good reputation.In newer carpets, made after 1925, the warp is of cotton, with synthetic colours that are bleached and fewer and simplified patterns are used. The carpets are fairly durable All Caucasian carpets are made with a Turkish or Giordes knot "Kazak" carpets are not from Kazakhstan but are from an area in what is now Armenia. The word probably derives from the Russian for Cossack - originally Christian Russian and Ukrainian serfs who fled from feudal landlords, and who were noted for their brutality. The colours of older Caucasian carpets are mostly made from natural materials found in the respective tribal regions.