Antique Rug Cleaning, Repairs And Valuation In Your Area
We do cleaning, repairs and valuation for all kinds of antique rugs in your area, our experts have more than 3 generations of experience in antique rug cleaning, repairs and valuation. Trust the Rug Master

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We offer Rug cleaning, repairs and valuation services all over UK.

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RugMaster rug cleaning, repairs and valuation offers a variety of services in your, including
  • Rug cleaning, repairs and valuation
    • Rug cleaning service
    • Rug repairs service
    • Rug restoration service
    • Rug valuation service

Service Location
Wherever you are, collection and delivery is free of charge!

We are based in North London area and can collect and deliver your rug quickly from anywhere using reliable courier services.

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About Antique rugs

Bring your antique rugs for a complete restoration to its original beauty. We have often restored 100+ year old rugs to look as if it was just made, using authentic methods of the time and the dyes as perfect as originals. as we have access to the best craftsmen suppliers of Middle East and Asia. Finest treatment for finest rugs.