Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whichever type of damage your rug might have encountered, someone on our expert team has dealt with it in the past and will be happy to do the best he or she can to restore your rug into its best possible state. Whatever has happened, just remain calm, don’t panic and contact us as soon as possible to minimize the extent of the damage.

Types of damage

Cleaning videos

Act 1 - Dusting out the rug

We use high-tech vibration machine to dust-out the rugs. It shakes the rug at 4kHz (4 thousand hits per second), which is completely harmless for the rug, but resonates with dust particles bringing them out of the rug.

Act 2 - Washing the rug

This is a video of rug washing done by professionals. If you are not careful or use wrong washing liquids or water temperature, you may cause colour run or colour bleed from your rug.

If that happens, we can offer colour restoration service, but it would be wiser to bring your rugs to our professional rug cleaners.

More videos coming soon.

Rug cleaning

Bring your rug to our cleaning experts for any type of rug cleaning. We will do the job quickly, safely and professionally.

Types of rug damage we can repair

Threadbare rugs / moth damage

This kind of damage is a result of late repairs by the owner of the rug. This is one of the most common types of damage. Thread damage is due to wear and tear of the rug over time. This can be easily fixed but may depend on the severity of the damage.

Another common cause of threadbare rug damage can be moth infestation.

Signs of rug moths will present themselves as either damage to the rug or eggs,larvae or the adult moths themselves, or both.

Rug moth damage will be more prevalent in the softer pile rather than the hard webbing at the back where all the knots take place. ‘Threadbare’ patches or holes will be the consequence. The most likely targets will be rugs of natural material such as wool and silk. Moths prefer darker, damper and undisturbed areas to lay their eggs and for larvae to feed. Consequently, under undisturbed furniture and storages are the most common locations to find rug moth damage. Likewise, rooms that are used infrequently are also at risk of moth infestation.

The larvae may be difficult to spot in coloured carpet pile because they can take on the colour of the fibres that they have eaten.


People tend to throw away rugs after discovering holes in their rugs as they believe the cost of repair would be too high. We can deal with holes in rugs, regardless of their size, in our own workshop in London. Although the work requires great skill, it would not cost as much as you think, especially if the foundation is still Intact.

Often, where there is a lot of damage, a repair may not be expedient as it would be of near cost to a replacement; however, if the rug holds sentimental value, then there cannot be a price put on that, as every bit of repair is worth it.

before repairs
after repairs

Colour run

Colour run is a very common problem in all rugs, especially in lower quality ones. Colour run is caused by many things, but one of the main causes of it is the unprofessional washing of rugs.

If rugs are washed at a temperature that is too high or if the chemicals in the shampoo are too strong, they will cause the colour to run. Another common cause is when a rug is left on sitting water, this would cause the colours to merge into each other.

Fringe damage

Fringe is the Skeleton of Your Rug. Most rugs have white cotton fringe tassels, and others have wool or silk tassels. Some rug owners like the look of the fringe on their rugs, others find it frustrating to always be straightening them, or keeping them from getting caught in the vacuum cleaner (that is why you vacuum from side to side instead of from end to end).

Fringes do not affect the value of the rug as they are by products of its weaving process; but damaged fringes have a great impact on the price as it is damage not only to the rug, but to its foundation.

Water damage?
(Flood, water damage from plants and pots left on the top of rugs for a long time)

Cotton foundation can be weakened and sometimes rotted if the rug is wetted repeatedly and not dried properly. A common cause of such damage is when a potted plant is placed directly on a rug. The plant is watered regularly and if the pot leaks the rug under the pot stays permanently damp. Within a few weeks the foundation of the rug can become so weak that chunks can be pulled from the rug by hand. If you are placing a plant on a rug try to place on a slim leg stool so you can see under the pot and check regularly for leeks.

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